Love on a Leash of St Charles County
St. Charles County, MO Chapter

Do you have a pet you enjoy sharing with other people?

Therapy pets don’t need to be a specific breed or type. 
It is important that your pet’s temperament is friendly, your pet is healthy and it is well trained.

A therapy pet must be able to calmly interact with the elderly, the ill, and children. They must also be able to adjust to being in unusual buildings, with new people, other pets and around objects such as walkers and wheelchairs. 

As a volunteer with Love on a Leash, A Touch of Love chapter you and your pet will be certified to visit:
Childcare facilities
Assisted Living Homes
Alzheimer facilities 
Hospice care facilities
No matter where we are or who we visit with, the end result is the same: we provide a moment of joy and connection that only a pet can provide.
If you are interested in having a Pet Therapy Team visit your facility, please email us 
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